Tyler Lord Hamilton refuses to take his life by suicide nor segregated by those who'll hate him for homosexual orientation. In actuality, after being paralysed by discrimination, certain cynical life, been wounded enough and finally kicked homophobia in the butt (via his gay militant activsim), now gives men tools for social, personal responsibility and staying alive. Workshops gives courage to all men even - happy, strong and empowered, straight and open-hearted. To master gratefulness and human dignity techniques to create life that by-passes conservative extremist hostilities, religions and depressing governments which send our men to death and war. Get to the Truth.
By wacky doodler. "The whole world is in jail, & we're plotting this incredible jail break". Mass suicide is a popular culture idea. If  interested - where do you sign-up? __________________ you just did. As long as it involves the use of lasers and terrible tiny men we are down with this plan, but it will never work. Stop suicide. 1 805 595 1982
This image is from eye-witness account of an Al Qaeda suicide bombing and assassination in Anbar Province, Iraq. American Muslims in USA believe that suicide is okay after this report.

Exclusively for gay, bi-sexual & questioning men, your Suicide Crisis and Death Seductive Prevention Counseling is offered via Mr. Hamilton's professional and support  specialist services for men.
Immediate Counseling Alternatives by Gay Mystic/Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton

By full education behind Mr. Hamilton, 2008, Octobre marks the date having him help others over-come social ignorance that suicide is a serious killer. This started a professional practice that gives service to men in the social helping field regarding suicidal thoughts and tendencies when relating to war crime and on-going discrimination, homophobia disorder, just wanting to give-up and throw it all away. Following the tragedy of men being failures in the environment, such as family life, politics lying to them, suicide becomes just a thought away from a bullet or knife and pill.

Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton is your living man, along the side gives life design strategies and coaching to help the suicidal ill'd or not too sick to stick in there. As this golden opportunity to take action is okay, from real-life advising to life-saving intervention on depression of a nation, social suicide, idealistically, discussed in Workshops like never before brings hope as men step away from the matirx, cast all prior knowlege aside, stand at the abyss and seek social philosophy for what it means to be living or slowly dying together in this age.

SPECIALISATION: sexuality, misplaced love, fearing women in cunt culture, bitch domination holding-up image demands, no manners/etiquette or money managment skills, feeling rejected, career problems, surpressed anger, surgery, socio and economic immobility issues, travel and vacation needs, masculinity, distrust, fear, addiction, substance abuse, rape, lost masculinity, violence, leaving straight matrix to pursue queerology, despair, ending sleaze media.

Suicide has escalated amid men due to government and religious abuse - povert y & recession post-9/11
You feel alone? When nobody is looking and society rejects you for imperfectionism in your human condition or, even others you have trusted like family and friends let you down. Segregates you to dream to get back to the cock voice and empowerment that battles those yuppie bull-shit morales and push you aside for being too good. We understand and is here as your comfort zone in Heaven on Earth.
Tyler Lord Hamilton, CIC, AASoc., BSCJ, BASoc., MPA, Ph.D. (forth-coming)
Hot-line Number: 1 805 563 6324
    Our staff are not lincensed social workers, doctors or psycho-therapists and do not hold legality for your interpretaion due to probable mental illness. We can only ask you to be meeting with a professional before getting soul-tied to Workshops as trust-worthy, like society in other places doesn't allow during these said social times. Of people seeking to twist our work, shame on behalf of killing gay men, or the homophobia and interest to sue us if there is a suicide, we are here as a boot-camp and have the right to deny those of service should they cross boundaries to under-class this good-will.

    Needy and parasite criminals will be asked to dismiss self from www.IDecidedNot2.com if there is any reason Mr. Hamilton and our cohorts assume being damaged, in danger or misused of these professionally-minded social science emergency services offered at the micro-level. Kindly, we provide reference to specialised case workers, police. other educators, physician care hospitals and institutions so this marvelous helping field in the social sciences brought to the public momentarily should you be un-stable. It is in conjunction with out-side protection and is the person's responsibility, not our's. . Danke Schon!

Suicide Temptation Spell
Suicide Persuasion Apologetic Brother:
Look before you leap, but think before you act. Remember, these are only my thoughts and opinions on the subject of suicide. Click above picture.
   World current affairs, life crumbling, divorce, drugs, failure, segregation, personal and professional tragedies, money create thoughts of suicide.  www.IDecidedNot2.com will help you create your life again.

   Call 1 805 563 6324 if you are experiencing your break-down of masculinity as a result of regimes or personal problems out-side world view perspectives for "The Global Society" of men being metamorphically unified. Your life has crumbled like a fallen government, yet you are the "Lord" of a new day which shines over your steps.

   Mr. Hamilton, a gay man is here to help you understand said transformative changes and declined integrity or mental health advocacy for you in closets or not in closets - full-flooded with fear and traumatisation and failed idealistic culture.
Tomorrow gets better. I promise. I am here for you and care so much. Suicide Help, We Care...
Good truth values of suicide? Click
UFO-Cult Suicide: A Handsome Heavenly Death
In October of 1996, the members of the Heaven's Gate cult began preparing for mass suicide that they been promised. The members of the Heaven's Gate cult took to the "next level" evil on Earth. The Final Report: Heaven's Gate Opens Demons.
Satan's face is seen rising from the smoke of the world trade centre on 9/11/01 after the attacks on America.
    "The loss of American independence is because we've knowingly participated in cultural mediocrity and the social suicide I teach on. You were brain-washed to like to kill the land and rape the innocense in culture, now look where you are? Yet I will hold your hand in our Worksops to relieve this pain and show how hope saved me from 'the deed'.

    You have a strat with me that restores us to dignity. Your flag is morphed like your mind, but www.IDecidedNot2.com will become salvation if you dedicate the soul of your life to this transformative change as men. Hang in there, you will be fine".

Tyler Lord Hamilton
    This did work for her, though now she is sad that another action she needs to make in her Universe with different laws means getting back here to re-live in reincarnation (karmic philosophy).

    Stop and think about that - Do you really feel that it is more effort to die or live-out the despair on Earth? It is easier to live in peace and empowerment than the defilement of ultimate beauty her friends and family miss more than ever. Contact us. You will not be disappointed to stay living.

Workshops, Nature, Sun & Eternal Life Naked with Brothers!

  www.IDecidedNot2.com shows you why living is a better varied-choice life-style for all of us sticking in there together thru the life sustainability task - joining Workshops. To look to love and dream and desire nothing more than the day is what you get from us. Out of danger, simplicity of sun gives all equally much affection and worth-while rewards and makes available The Christ of Hope to the lost.

    Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton comes with life experiences, religion, being ex-communicated by churches for being homosexual. In spite of injustice, helps preserve men by wisdom of Gaymanity 110% out-of-the-closet. Freedom to not let man give victim precipitation any more power or confusion about being present in straight or gay worlds that are seperated by pride. Celebrate a New America according to your bliss by utilising Workshops, as your heart is free and released by this hope-movement for anti-suicidals creating lives all over again. Living empowered away from despair of social normalities.

    And, be explaining several central metaphysical areas like problems of object-hood, universals and mind-body things in life always based on the sun and it's self-realisation of its own details of the resurrection... coming-up every morning for you that society needs energy to be given thru it. To share upon nature around your heated-up days. By love found in brother-hood during this male conscious-ness and democratic spirit of ultimate One-ness and continued life with diversification, self-sufficiency as well as Platonic social philosophy.

    The strength to shine and reflect all Planets is honour placed in our hands individually by a Creator. This is utilising love as an ocean cleanses the gloom and hatred over man-kind.. Whereat nobody promises insecurity; you are still breathing and that means the design of life works well far-over these crises and World War III oppressive-ness many InterContinental scream about. Be naked in the human condition and accept flaws... stay alive to experience the miracles you'll find that you created them by looking into a mirror with us.

    Call today and get involved in our healthy Workshops that can help you create life once dreamnt of - very alive during youth that we can help you get back to. This is the resurrection of your new day come true. To find what you thought was missing still exists. 1 805 595 1982

    To protect this novel social work of Tyler Lord Hamilton and those making life adjustments to heal the mass-psychology of un-stable persons, recluse or not, www.IDecidedNot2.com is grateful to our research stirring the brew, including others from the American Association of Suicidology for summarising and preparing the information available here.
Santa Barbara, California
The world's first English language news channel to have its headquarters in the Middle East; covering the world, bridging cultures and setting the news agenda.Riz Khan - American Muslim youth speak out - 27 Dec 07 - Riz Khan talks to a panel of young American Muslims about the issues that most concern them. Love Muslims who stop crime against you and them alike.

    Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton, Founder and Executive Director of www.IDecidedNot2.com,  teaches to exploitated people who've lost balance in what it means to be alive. From his Workshops, "How Sun Worship to the Gods Heal Men" and, these anecdote (short tales) narrating interesting or amusing biographical incidents so people reach healing via nature as ideal archetype, reduces painful thoughts of self-annihilation for all men attending.  Even local nudists (non-sinful) relate to planetray conscious-ness seen by opening one's breast to Enlightenment.

    Thus, time to trust a queer if it means he over-came anguish and wishes to give you a helping hand in ending sufferage - gay or straight. Take human dignity and let us help because we will not be pushed away for being different. No longer wanting to kill self in society, please let us hold-up those who are feeble, depleted of healthy ego, even by domestic violence at formative years at home. Learn how to utilise sun for answers to questions on control management
and understanding inner struggles and dealing and learning how to master these said problems.

    To improve memory and cognitive science - crudely defined as the multi-disciplinary study of mind and behaviourism - permanent damage to victims drenched in torment is helped to the point of criminals  needing restorative justice via sun.

    This modeling portrait supplement  shows Mr. Hamilton  extending torso and throwing head back. "For life does work at the societal level for males yearning for this remedy".  Picture was taken in 2007, Atascadero-Santa Margarita Lake, California - nearby Questa Grade. Photo Courtesy, Santa Barbara Pictures


Thank you for offering to share your time with us regarding the service you want from this organisation. In our continuing life sustainability to improve the humanity focusing upon men is important to do, we provide, appreciate women, though the comments provided by women during femisnist have become a curse to a select social population of men requiring the help of other men, www.IDecidedNot2.com must remain all-male.

Please refrain from controlling this operation of one man, Tyler Lord Hamilton, whose expertise on men as a gay mysitc only enriches relations ladies seek in our confidential list. We are dealing with suicide, and a homosexual is earning honour these days by caring for his own kind. The men seeking refuge in www.IDecidedNot2.com require privacy. It is very important we help serve you better - male or female - thru the Masculinist Thereom invented by Social Scientist Tyler Lord Hamilton that does depend upon men coming together in their own men's movement.

While this is not intended to up-stage women, iIif you are a Christian or extremist Republican, respectfully ph_ck-ff due to your negligence in your social group that cannot stop social suicide for Gaymanity without our assistance. Our men shine brighter than ever for moving beyond the matrix of certain social constructs that make males feel exploited by women's intuitive-ness and power, churches that condemn and government or politician which hold hands with the weak men as they are escorted to the streets to make homelss and canceled-out. All Rights Reserved. One copyright will protect us from PIRATES.

The freedom to be out-wardly gay and direct about saving men in love with their human rights to an enrichment of community with other males. Men exude social justice and democracy promotion without force when they join www.IDecidedNot2.com. Not as nearly alive as the boot-camp Tyler Lord Hamilton is putting men thru InterContinental, new hope to save lives during World War III epidemic social suicide amkes honour in Gaymanity. This will be supported over the dead body of those lost before us.

www.IDecidedNot2.com is head-quartered in America and currently under review for United Nations endowment for "The Global Society", self-adjusted civilsation world-wide and taught by Mr. Hamilton as one of his loves. In order to reach the world with breaking the silence for suicide prevention and awareness main-streamed, in this quest for male education to end suicide and war crime across seas, our Workshops leave bigotry out-side of the room. This protects cultural exchange between SLO and the world.
    "Suicide is an enigmatic and disconcerting phenomenon if it is the property of devils or an inhumane way to tell God he made shit".

Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
Plato's Words & Tyler Lord Hamilton's Review of the Literature

Men love war and crime and suicide.
We help put an end to it. Will you with us?

    "America... "The Great' " - You hate the country and life and death makes so much sense after 9/11 curse and conspiracy factor. You are tired and ready to move-on. This is depression of a nation.

    It is okay to admit all of this crime and corruption is social suicide. Nearly bad as a fallen Western civilsation, you participate some how.

    It is a social sciences emergency for all men - gay, straight and bi-sexual or confused. You know men are at a serious loss.

www.IDecidedNot2.com knows the way you think men. You cannot fool a gay may willing to help you. Tyler Lord Hamilton is a hurting successful defense for you in this scientific endeavour to heal. Call 1 805 563 6324 to get your specialised help ASAP. Real men need to know you. Join us.

"The friend that told me I could do it never got away with it. He was sent behind bars for many years".
We know how to live and die, but not holding one another up to the Heavens as sacrifce with-out judgement. How selfish men have become - un-worthy. Transformative change in your depth-psychology and social philospohy level is possible. Be that change.

Yakob Merrit, Seattle, Washington, Age 28
Lawrence Stevens, JD, is a lawyer whose practice includes representing psychiatric "patients".  Thinking about suicide is common-place he states. Esquire Stevens looks into a a book "Suicide in America", published in 1982, where psychiatrist Herbert Hendin, M.D., recognises:

"Partly as a response to the failure of suicide prevention (at the micro and macro levels), partly in reaction to commitment abuses (relational) and perhaps mainly in the spirit of accepting anything that does not physically harm anyone else, we see suicide increasingly advocated as a fundamental human 'civil' right".

Further-more, Stevens indicates in an article that "If you are a judge deciding questions of constitutional law, you should strike down as unconstitutional laws that imprison ('hospitalise') people only for supposed dangerous-ness or harm to oneself.  Whoever you are, you should respect the autonomy of all of your fellow men and women whose conduct does not unlawfully harm others (2005)".

Suicide has a social relevance throughout tribes, the world, anthropology, romantic tales like Romeo and Juilet. In fact, Jesus Christ willfully walking to the cross was a direct form of suicide-Emo for his faith, like a suicide bomber seeking devotion to opinion, up-holding the right to die and emphasise personal autonomy with self-determination. Experience a manifest of faith and power over the externalalised material  world they are socialised to.
Do you think suicide has a helping hand?
The Theory of Evolution

Evolution is taught as fact in science, and the moral consequences are justified in other courses, such as self-destruction and life threats to hurt the on-looker. Kids are taught that they are advanced animals formed by chance forces of nature. So logically, like animals, humans have no life after death, no eternal rewards or punishments. Death just leads to a state of unconsciousness. And there are no absolute rules of right and wrong, so what's wrong with taking your life is ...

We are told kids need death education to help prevent suicide, like sex education on how to use a condom to not send the active into HIV turbulence. But like nearly, all such school programmes, in the name of solving the problem, in actuality contribute to it, because they refuse to teach absolute morals. School death education almost universally treats suicide, abortion, and euthanasia as just alternative ways of dying, so the kids must make their own choices without being taught moral standards.

What do we do if an animal is seriously ill and has no value in living? Put it out of its misery! But kids are led to believe they are just an advanced animal, there is no life after death, no purpose in life except to enjoy it, and no absolute moral standards. So, if life is unhappy, why not end it all? www.IDecidedNot2.com educates on these issues, especially since the social suicide amid civilians is crumbling our collective conscious-ness of moral being deserving of the free reward of Heavenly eternal life, not eternal damnation per-say.

Organisations that Promote Suicide and Euthanasia

Consider the following organisations (as reported in A.L.L. About Issues, 1/83):

"Hemlock" works for "active euthanasia of the terminally ill." It seeks to create opinion favorable to "self-deliverance" or "acceleration of death" (nice terms for suicide).

"Exit," the British equivalent of "Hemlock," published the book Guide to Self-Deliverance, giving clear instructions for how to commit suicide. Many followed their advice.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian was frequently in the news for "helping" many patients end their lives.

Civil Law

In November, 1994, the State of Oregon passed a referendum allowing physicians to assist terminally ill patients commit suicide. Several states have attempted to follow Oregon.

In January, 2006, the US Supreme Court allowed the Oregon law to stand (though it may yet be challenged on other grounds).

20 years ago people would not have given the time of day to such ideas. Now it is law in at least one state!

Society weakens the barriers against suicide and often even encourages it. Then often these same people cry crocodile tears about "why we have so much suicide among our teens"!

(C) Copyright 2006, David E. Pratte

Don't kiss my ass after you led me to these feelings of isolation and morbid death. Now you think I will just jump-up and live for you. Ph_ck-off. I am the walking dead you created from neglect abd discrimination. It feels good to tell you that nobody wins.
If you want suicide then you are Emo, very emotional.
Beaten-up by girls, now Goth and Emo to show the dark-ness USA put upon us men. Reject and sad because of government.
He (John Merrick, the Elephant Man of London-England) did it when he slept the wrong way intentionally. Why should you though? www.IDecidedNot2.com is here to prevent your suicide, violence and war crime. Get registered for our Workshops to get more into this Light. We care to listen to you. There are answers coming. We promise.
Christina Crawford (born June 11, 1939) is an American writer and actress, best known as the author of Mommie Dearest, an exposé of the systematic child abuse allegedly committed by her mother, actress Joan Crawford. Christina was born in Los Angeles, California in 1939 to un-wed teenage parents (her father was in the Navy at the time) and adopted out-of-state in 1940 by Joan Crawford - one of five children adopted by the actress.

By her own account, Christina Crawford endured a child-hood shaped by her adopted mother's violent mood swings, one minute buying her party dresses, the next spanking her so hard with a hair-brush that it broke in two. This never resulted Christina in suicide, however, the un-stable child-hood sent her at the age of ten to a California boarding school so that mega-star, singer-actress and falpper dancer could avoid the love demanded. Her daughter moved from California to the East Coast to attend Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and then studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, prior to  earning a Bacholr of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from UCLA and then Master's Degree in Communications Management from USC. Victim-survivour Christina Craford utilised education to heal the wounds Joan gave her via domestic violence.

This article was attained   by "Her Own Private Idaho", People Weekly (August 8, 1994). Retrieved on 2007-07-22  and edited by Tyler Lord Hamilton.

Loved by many gay men who understand sexual assault, the gorgeous prestigious Christina Crawford over-came the trauma of child abuse and did not use suicide as her way-out. But instead of self-pitty, utilised schooling which became the handsome comforter and final voice over her "bitch" Mommie Dearest, Joan.
"Daughter Dearest": Of Hollywood's
Bitch Perfectionist Joan Crawford Exemplifies Social Justice and Democracy Promotion.
Edited by Tyler Lord Hamilton
Call and get information on how to to register or Worksops, 1 805 563 6324
~Thank you so much to Christina Crawford for being an example that abused children have hope and can make-it.
Scroll down and see the damages of child abuse and how it is possible to not commit suicide. Actress Joan Crawford speaks.
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Educational Video PSA Unied States Armed Forces.
Men and failure, talking about suicide romance, hope in seeing small alternatives
Men are 3 to 5 times more likely to commit suicide than females in the United States, many reports in research and recession-related increase consensus have been published. 
Warning Signs: The Doctor Explians
"Suicide Is Painles". Marilyn Manson
The loss of American independence is what the social suicide is about. Since 9/11, 7 out 10 laugh at the possibility of another terrorist re-attacking USA and say the social karmic philosophy is for the flag to be in a lake of fire. We report that 9 out of 10 are more likely than before to understand why men wish for suicide in-private, while others coincide these statistics saying they know why people in and of USA want to burn the flag to begin a new world. Call us to get registered for Workshops and learn about your hope in www. IDecidedNot2.com. It is our social work to help with life sustainiabity, social justice and democracy promotion for gay and bi-sexual men without force. 1 805 563 6324
www.IDecidedNot2.com comes from hours of research conducted by The Tyler Lord Hamilton Foundation, San Luis Obispo, California. 1 805 595 1982
Holiday raises the rate of suicidal thought and persusaion tendencies. Therefore, Mr. Hamilton hopes you will bring joy and comedfic relief to the conservative rights, religious abuses, et cetera, America gives you to think about during the isolative moments. Remember, if you stick in there whether depression, abortion, rape, whatever, you will inevidiably make a difference by getting registered for www.IDecidedNot2.com after you get the Worshops integrated to your years to come.

Jackie Beat sings her scandalous parody of Santa Baby, in a video by Austin Young!
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Jackie Beat is the Greatest drag queen on earth.

"Sexual identity, transsexualisation, cutting-off cock to hurt self or genuinely a lady seeking his surgery to save his/her life, pre-operative, sexual reassignment is divine? What is suicide if you get a reciept from God and the Devil return the good from you heavenly father". Tyler Lord Hamilton

Jackie Beat sings her song parody, "Beaver!" in a video.
Jackie Beat sings her song parody, "Beaver!" in a video by Austin Young.
Inspired by Peggy Lee's "Fever", Jackie sings her animal friendly version.
Drag superstar JACKIE BEAT has been entertaining audiences across the U.S. and in Europe for over ten years with her razor-sharp comedy and hysterical song parodies.
Squeaky Blonde sings Strange Fruit in a video by Austin Young. Lewis Allen wrote Strange Fruit in 1937 and Billy Holiday was the first to sing the song. It was condemned as an American racism, particularly the lynchings of African Americans that had occurred chiefly in South for decades before this was written. It is a perfect illustration of social suicide as taught by Tyler Lord Hamilton in the Workshops.
Abusive sex might be HOT rough trade for violent-minded and disheartened men but it may take you down the wrong path of pleasure. Male sexual abuse leads to the real costs of suicide among men, even if the man was expressive concerning his pain. Find a partner that understand your shadows. Click picture.
Faces of Death Torture Execution. This video is not for the faint of heart. Watch at your own discretion as a man did a crime knoiwing he would be sentenced to death. This was his form of social suicide.
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No more love. The mind of a suicidal victim statistically cannot be changed 1. 2. 3 years of therapy is required.  There are new world answers with Tyler Lord Hamilton, "The Voice Of The World", seeing that Workshops are worth a life. Call 1 805 595 1982
Make men brighter about our turn to exemplify gay law, gay ethics, social justice, democracy promotion without force and, above all, most certainly compassion for our up-coming generation of children as well as disciplined adults internationally-speaking against suicide.
Must See!
        End regret of your given birth-rites to be living and happy. Love life as a man feels darkness when he faces self, the promise for another day gives him Light to love. Love comforteth like sun-shine after rain. May the conscious-ness of man be showered by joy abundant. In the silence the grass then grows".
- Tyler Lord Hamilton/William Shakespeare
Immediate Special Thanks to the Concerted Effort of All Concerned, Sincerely Appreciated & Favourably Mentioned Credits for supporting social justice in San Luis Obispo, California, along the side of sponsor names and levels Mr. Hamilton is currently gathering little-by-little-bit, as follows:

Let the Sun Shine

It was said that Shakespeare was bi-sexual and understood human completities of love when he write that lovers Romeo and Juliet died in a wed-lock type suicide.
"Understand you are human.
     "Good things happen for those who wait and give mind-gratefulness (conscious-ness) to miracles soon to come. This requires not considering suicide, rather drifting from the anguish and living with greater privilege than what money may ever bring us all". www.IDecidedNot2.com